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Guide to Financial Services Contracting

Our Guide to Financial Services Contracting

Financial services contracting is a great way to find work that suits your needs, however contracting is different from being a permanent employee. Our guide to financial services contracting will outline these difference, let you know what paperwork you need to provide before signing up and what is not only expected of you as a financial services contractor but what you can expect from the companies that you work with.

Financial Services Contractor Documentation

Our standard minimum requirement is for financial services contractors and temporary workers to provide:

  • An up to date CV
  • Professional referees covering the last 5 years. If you do not have as much as 5 years’ work experience academic references will suffice. Any gaps in the CV must be accounted for and supported by a personal reference
  • Proof of identity and right to work in the UK
  • Proof of address
  • Bank details

Individual clients have specific requirements for their financial services contractors, so please be prepared to provide additional details and documentation (e.g. academic and professional certificates) as required

PAYE temporary workers will also need to provide us with a P45 and NI Number. In the absence of a P45 a P46 must be completed

Limited Company financial services contractors must provide a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation and, if appropriate, VAT registration details


You can download a timesheet here. A signed soft copy of your Timesheet and, for Limited Company financial services contractors an invoice must be emailed to no later than 10am on the Tuesday following the week you have worked

If you are working for one of our clients who operate an online timesheet system you will be informed of the deadline for completion and submission by our Temps desk

Holiday Entitlement

PAYE temporary financial services staff are entitled to paid holiday entitlement. You will start to accrue holiday from the first hour you work via Citifocus. For details of statutory employment rights for temporary workers, to include Holiday Entitlement please click here.

Pay Rate

Your pay rate is confidential. Disclosure of this information may result in your assignment being terminated.

Unplanned Absence

If you are unable to attend work due to illness or for any other reason you must, in the first instance, inform Citifocus as soon as possible. This should be by 9am on the morning of your absence.

Financial Services Contractor Etiquette

  • Behave professionally at all times during your assignment
  • Dress in appropriate business attire
  • Do not abuse internet and email privileges
  • Work hard - your behaviour and attitude reflect on Citifocus as well as yourself and your attitude and approach will affect future assignments


Please refer to your contract for information regarding your notice period as this can differ between financial services clients. Give us as much notice as possible when your assignment is coming to an end or when you choose to end your assignment

Keep in Touch

Keep in touch with your consultant and make sure Citifocus is informed of any changes to your personal or bank details. Let us know how you are getting on in your assignment and if you have questions, difficulties or problems or are looking for alternative temporary or permanent employment please let us know first!

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